About Me

Wow, I can’t believe I’m finally starting my own blog! This is truly an exciting moment for me. Typically, I would describe myself as a pretty private person. I can be quite introverted at times and don’t really like being the center of attention. Over the years I have come to realize that this part of my personality is partially due to fear of criticism. It’s a simple fact that everyone makes judgments about everyone else, and with this in mind I feel as if I have done as much as I possibly can to limit the judgments made about me. However, I’ve realized the limitations I have put on myself by living this way. I’m a person that has high standards and big aspirations and I know that these goals of mine aren’t going to be fulfilled if I do not put myself out there. If I do not face potential failure. If I do not face potential judgments. I’ve read countless blogs and watched many bloggers on YouTube over the years. I see the content they put out and it truly inspires me. I’m a very passionate person, with many interests and insights, and like how these bloggers have inspired me, I want to inspire others. Today is the day I stop fearing what people think about me and I encourage everyone else to follow suit! We are all capable of so much and these capabilities will never be realized if we don’t open ourselves up to all the world has to offer.

Now that I have finished explaining my intentions, I would like to give a little background about myself! I was born and raised in good ol’ Goffstown, New Hampshire (I will not be offended if you have no idea where Goffstown or even New Hampshire is located LOL). My father works in medical sales and my mom is a stay at home mother. I grew up surrounded by many pets such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, fish, and my adorable hamster Boomer (RIP). So definitely expect a lot of animal content on my page! After high school I decided to study biology and philosophy at Providence College in Providence, RI. In the Fall of 2016 I was fortunate enough to study in Florence, Italy and travel Europe. This experience has completely changed my life and I will 100% be talking about it on my blog. Currently, I’m going into my senior year at Providence and I could not be more frightened of the uncertainty that lingers ahead. In part, this fear of impending adulthood is what has inspired me to start this blog. I want to go into this year working on overcoming my fears so that I will be more confident in taking risks and putting myself out there! And what better way then by sharing my thoughts and passions through this blog.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and stay tuned for more posts about travel, fashion, food, books, and whatever random thoughts pop into my head!

Much love,


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